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Stream Surge - The Indie Musician Promo Playbook serves as your indispensable compass in navigating today's hyper-competitive musical terrain. Regularly priced at $29, we're offering this priceless playbook for FREE for a limited time. Seize this golden opportunity - it's one you simply can't afford to miss!

Our diligently crafted e-book provides an arsenal of potent strategies and creative methods, specifically tailored to turbocharge your music marketing endeavors.

It decodes the complex world of digital marketing for musicians, guiding you step-by-step towards notable success.

From carving out your distinctive artist brand, acing the social media game, to engaging and retaining your potential fan base effectively - Stream Surge encapsulates it all!

Infused with practical insights, advice, and real-world examples, this playbook empowers you to amplify your music's visibility, generate an impressive number of streams, and nurture a loyal fan base.


What will you learn from this

First off, this is neither a guide nor is it a book; it's a playbook designed for your success. It provides actionable, field-tested strategies to help independent musicians navigate the digital landscape, broaden their reach, and achieve their musical dreams

Garner new fans

A thorough guide to crafting an irresistible online persona that captivates both fans and industry experts.

Optimize your marketing

Strategies and exercises to help you optimize your online marketing endeavors, contextualized for the modern landscape - 2023 and beyond.

Social media is the way

Detailed insights on leveraging the power of social media and music streaming platforms to your advantage.

Understand your promotional options

Effective music promotion strategies and how to understand your music promotion options.

Execute your promo

A step-by-step guide to designing and executing successful music promotional campaigns.

What inside the Playbook?

More than just a thought excercise

Over 1,000 downloads in last month

Technical Details

Read on phone, tablet or computer or print it out
8 chapters covering music digital marketing topics
Actionable tips alongside hypothetical scenario drill-downs
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45 pages to help you hone your promotions as a music artist
Lightweight PDF File of just over 2 MB
Resources to help you along the way







June 2023



Who should read this playbook?

Something for everyone who wants to be heard

Emerging Indie Artists

If you're just starting out and need a roadmap to navigate the vast landscape of the music industry, this playbook provides the essential guidance to set you on the right path.

Struggling Musicians:

If your music has been lost in the digital void, barely gathering streams or downloads, this guide will empower you to amplify your visibility and attract the audience you deserve.

DIY Musicians

If you're an artist who prefers to manage your music career independently, this playbook delivers the knowledge and tools to master digital marketing, enhancing your self-sufficiency.

Music Marketers

If you're responsible for marketing an indie artist or a small music label, this guide can help you develop effective strategies to boost visibility, engagement, and, ultimately, success.

Seasoned Musicians Seeking a Boost

If you're a veteran in the field looking to adapt to the digital age or seeking new strategies to re-energize your music career, this playbook offers fresh, modern insights to help you surge ahead.

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The Author

Team at Get More Streams

This playbook is the result of collaboration between the team members at Get More Streams agency. The authors, drawing from their personal experiences as musicians and marketers, have put together a playbook that is both practical and beneficial.

Understanding the artistic and business challenges of the music industry, they provide strategies that have been tested in the field.

Their aim is to help independent musicians broaden their reach and fulfill their musical goals. The team at Get More Streams is committed to supporting your journey in the music industry.

Stream Surge - The Indie Musician Promo Playbook

Get all the tricks & tips you need to take marketing your brand and your music up a notch

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