About Us

Marketers, Musicians, Fans

Introducing an All-In-One Solution: We’re an Agency Within Your Reach

Get More Streams is more than just a collective of marketers – we’re musicians and audio engineers too. Our diverse team consists of individuals who possess a wide range of musical talents and experiences. We strive to always ensure that we not only understand the industry but also have a genuine passion for music and the future scene.

Best Parts of Classical Training and Modern Techniques

Some of our team members have received classical training, honing their musical skills through years of practice and dedication. Others have gained experience in the recording studio, working alongside Emmy-Winning producers and contributing to renowned movie projects. Let’s just say that we fully-immersed in almost every aspect of sound and marketing.


From DJing to Mastering: A Comprehensive Skillset

At Get More Streams, we pride ourselves on the collective expertise our team possesses, spanning a multitude of facets within the melodic sphere – from the art of DJing to the intricate science of audio mastering. Such an eclectic pool of proficiency empowers us to discern the harmonious from the discordant, thereby guaranteeing exceptional outcomes tailored to our clientele’s highest standards.

Experts in Live Events and Concerts

We have firsthand experience in organizing, promoting, and producing live events and concerts. This expertise enables us to recognize the essential elements of successful events and apply them when crafting unique experiences for our clients.

Years of Marketing Experience at Your Disposal

More importantly, our team at Get More Streams has been working in the marketing field for several years. We have learned from our past mistakes, refining our approach to develop profitable campaigns for our clients. This invaluable experience allows us to create tailored marketing strategies that cater to the specific needs and goals of each client.

Perfect Fusion of Marketing and Music

Get More Streams is the perfect fusion of marketing expertise and musical talent. By offering a comprehensive range of services, we can provide our clients with an all-in-one solution tailored to their unique needs. Choose Get More Streams, and let our team of skilled professionals guide your musical journey to success.

Passionate Fans of All Genres

But perhaps the most significant aspect that sets us apart is our genuine love for music. As fans of all kinds of genres, we are driven to share our passion with others and help our clients succeed in the competitive music industry.

Don't gamble on your music career

Let our music marketing agency take the lead and help you reach the dedicated fans of major label artists.