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Forget fake playlists, bots, and fraudulent promo services forever

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Get heard to get ahead in 2024 and beyond

As an artist, your main goal is to make the best music, build a bulletproof online presence, and consistently reach as many new fans as possible.

But are you succeeding or failing?

Imagine being able to flip a switch and get heard locally, nationally, and internationally by fresh ears and music lovers who have yet to discover you.

That’s where our music promotion services come in – and you never have to worry about bots, fake playlists, click or stream farms, or any other fraudulent services, ever.

We offer a range of services designed with major label and industry expertise to help you grow your brand and reach a wider, real audience.

The perfect solution to promote singles, albums, events, merch, and ability to create brand partnerships. 

Easily get more streams and punch above your weight in the music industry. We do all of the work.

Let’s Go.


Use targeted social media advertising to get real streams

It’s no surprise music artists are consistently being discovered and launched to stardom using social media and other forms of digital advertising.

Major labels use social media and digital ads to discover and grow their artist roster.

Why? It’s because they know it works and their target audience is on and highly-engaged on social media.

Our team of experienced music marketers are skilled in channeling the power of social media advertising to maximize exposure and plays for musicians like you.

This means actually reaching real fans that are interested in your music.  Even better, getting plays from fans of major label artists whose music is similar to yours. You know they spend money to support artists.

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New fans are waiting for you on social media

Your ultimate goal is to build a loyal and engaged fan base that will support you and your art for years to come. 

We do this for you by creating targeted, effective, and relevant fraud-free music campaigns that speak to your unique brand and style.


Not us.

We are not

We are musicians & marketers

We are musicians & marketers and because of that, we are able to create the perfect campaign that really drives genuine interest and interaction with your music. 

We don’t hire actors or influencers, use dumb memes, display fake testimonials, or just flat-out lie on ADS in order to get as many credit swipes as possible. 

We 100% understand the obstacles independent artists face and are only able to work with the most serious and talented individuals. 

Let’s create and execute your bulletproof music marketing promotion.

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Get on Hot Spotify Playlists, Organically

Do you feel like you’re constantly trying to fight against the algorithm to get your tracks in front of the masses? 

You’re not alone. It can be incredibly difficult if you fall into the same music “promotion” pitfall literally 97% of artists do.

Instead, gain the ability to consistently hit top algorithmic playlists. Never pay for playlist placements.

No, seriously. Your carefully targeted ads campaigns for your music can get the ‘algorithmic boost’ it needs to break through on popular  and trending playlists.

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Avoid the BIG mistake of being undiscovered

You know it, we know it – musicians lack the promotional skills to properly market themselves.

Music artists spend a lot of time, effort, and money on the wrong music promotion strategies. 

Effective promotions take time to create, monitor, and optimize which ultimately takes time away from making music. 

But, you can avoid this all together by working with us and unlocking your true artist potential.

Good music can sell itself,
but your merch doesn't

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When you create a strong presence and brand, you create a community of people who support you.

Musicians and artists sell merchandise to not only fund their projects but also further spread the name and grow the brand

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Musicians and artists sell merchandise to not only fund their projects but also further spread the name and grow the brand

Selling tickets shouldn’t be on an artists to-do list

Promoters often force smaller and lesser-known indie artists to sell tickets to their own shows. We think this is non-sense. What’s the point of a promoter then?

Artists struggle to sell tickets to their events and when they don’t meet the quota, they don’t perform or they don’t get booked.

Sell your tix and merch with ease. Get your bag, get booked for events, and throw the best damn show for your fans.

Contact us to see how we can help pack your events from the stage to the sound guy.

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