15 Best Recording Studios Tokyo (Top Music Studios In Japan’s Capital)

the top recording studios tokyo japan

15 Best Recording Studios In Tokyo (Top Music Studios In Japan’s Capital)

Welcome to our ultimate guide to the top recording studios in Tokyo! Our team has searched the internet far and wide, analyzing Yelp reviews, scouring Reddit threads, visiting countless websites, and diving into other blogs and bulletins to curate this list. The city of Tokyo, known for its distinct districts, is a hub for the creation of new music. Its vibrant music scene sees genres from city pop to classical music, making it a worldwide focal point for musical innovation.

In our search, we paid particular attention to studios that consistently deliver high-quality content, have a solid track record and cater to a wide range of musical genres. Studios that welcome English-speaking clients were also a factor in our selection, considering the city’s diverse musical scene. The suitability of the studios for various projects was assessed, whether for a singer looking to record a track or a brand seeking to create a commercial. With the increasing trend of remote work, we even took into account studios that offer the option to hire their services and collaborate on projects remotely.

We saw a clear emphasis on quality, with studios priding themselves on their collection of analog and digital musical instruments, from bass guitars to string quartets, and the provision of services such as track composition and management advice. The studios also stand out for their state-of-the-art sound systems, ensuring your voice is captured with crystal clarity whether you’re recording an album for Spotify or providing narration for a documentary.

15. Crescente Studio

mixing engineer working on mixing console in tokyo recording studio

Tokyo Neighborhood/District: Shinjuku

Best Known For: Cozy Environment and Good Selection of Equipment

Located in the bustling district of Shinjuku, Crescente Studio is a beloved recording space for musicians of all genres. With a reputation for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, it particularly attracts indie bands and smaller productions seeking an intimate recording environment.

Crescente Studio feels more like a home than a standard recording studio, fostering a creative and relaxed atmosphere. Its quality equipment, ranging from a diverse selection of microphones and preamps to outboard gear, meets a broad array of recording needs. The control room stands out, featuring a high-end mixing console and monitoring system for capturing superior sound quality.

The studio staff’s commitment to assisting artists in achieving their desired sound is another reason behind Crescente Studio’s popularity. Their professional expertise, the studio’s conducive atmosphere, and quality gear make this Shinjuku-based studio a top choice for both emerging and established musicians.

14. Mixer’s Lab

recording studio with ssl mixing console and genelec studio monitors.

Tokyo Neighborhood/District: Shibuya

Best Known For: Quality Sound Engineering and Large Recording Booth

Located in the heart of Shibuya, Mixer’s Lab stands as a beacon for sound excellence in Tokyo’s thriving music scene. The studio is highly rated for its sound engineering prowess and its spacious recording booth, accommodating artists and productions of varying scales.

Mixer’s Lab provides an inspirational and comfortable recording experience, with its large recording booth as a highlight. Ideal for group recordings and capturing live performances, this space delivers a warm and detailed sound highly sought after by artists and producers alike.

The studio’s sound engineering is another standout feature. The experienced in-house engineers handle diverse projects across numerous musical genres, ensuring top-notch recording quality. Their meticulous attention to detail and technical expertise contribute to Mixer’s Lab’s reputation as a recording studio that delivers beyond expectations.

Whether you’re recording a full album or a single track, Mixer’s Lab is dedicated to offering a superior recording experience and a product that meets your artistic vision. Their mix of quality equipment, acoustically designed spaces, and professional expertise firmly establishes Mixer’s Lab as a premier recording destination in Shibuya, Tokyo.

13. Studio Tanta

acoustically treated recording space.

Tokyo Neighborhood/District: Shibuya

Best Known For: Hosting Local Artists and Offering Support Services

Studio Tanta, situated in Tokyo’s vibrant Shibuya district, is a well-established name in the local music scene. This moderate-sized studio has been the creative ground for many local artists, contributing to its unique standing among Tokyo’s recording studios.

The studio offers a comprehensive range of services, including recording, mixing, and mastering. With a skilled team of sound engineers on board, Studio Tanta ensures that artists receive the necessary technical support to craft a well-polished final product.

The studio’s environment is designed to inspire creativity, offering a comfortable space for artists to focus solely on their music. The control room is equipped with high-end gear, which, combined with the professional expertise of the studio’s staff, guarantees recordings of exceptional quality.

Studio Tanta’s commitment to nurturing local talent and its comprehensive support services solidify its place as a go-to recording studio in Shibuya, Tokyo.

12. Studio Greenbird

japanese recording engineer in the studio measuring impulse responses.

Tokyo Neighborhood/District: Setagaya

Best Known For: Digital and Analog Recording Facilities

Studio Greenbird, located in the Setagaya district of Tokyo, is revered for its high-quality digital and analog recording facilities. The studio’s dedication to offering a variety of recording and post-production services sets it apart in Tokyo’s dynamic music industry.

The studio’s facilities are designed to cater to the diverse needs of modern musicians. With both digital and analog recording equipment available, artists can choose the medium that best complements their sound. This blend of modern and traditional recording methods enables the creation of rich, dynamic, and well-rounded recordings.

Studio Greenbird’s post-production services are another standout feature. The studio offers mixing and mastering services, ensuring that the recorded music is polished and ready for distribution. The skilled sound engineers work closely with artists to craft a sound that matches their vision and meets industry standards.

With its versatile facilities and comprehensive services, Studio Greenbird is an excellent choice for musicians seeking a high-quality recording experience in Tokyo.

11. HeartBeat Recording Studio

advanced and modern japanese studio in tokyo for recording, mixing, and production.

Tokyo Neighborhood/District: Minato

Best Known For: Skilled Staff and Top-notch Equipment

Located in the Minato district of Tokyo, HeartBeat Recording Studio stands out in the city’s bustling music scene. The studio is highly esteemed for its skilled staff and top-notch recording equipment, making it a go-to destination for many local artists.

HeartBeat Recording Studio offers a range of services, from recording and mixing to mastering, all handled by their team of professional and experienced sound engineers. Their proficiency ensures that artists get the technical support they need to create high-quality music.

The studio boasts top-of-the-line recording equipment, guaranteeing superior sound quality. Whether you’re an established musician or an emerging artist, the studio provides an environment conducive to creativity.

The combination of expert staff and excellent equipment makes HeartBeat Recording Studio a prime choice for artists seeking a high-quality recording experience in Tokyo.

10. Sound City

tokyo based recording studio sound city japan.

Tokyo Neighborhood/District: Meguro

Best Known For: Multiple Studios and Long History

With a rich history spanning many years, Sound City is a cornerstone of the Tokyo recording scene. Located in Meguro, one of Tokyo’s central districts, the studio is well-known for its multiple recording rooms and enduring legacy.

Sound City offers a diverse range of services to accommodate different recording needs. With multiple studios within its facility, it can cater to various types and scales of recording projects, from individual artists to full-size orchestras.

The long history of Sound City speaks to its sustained high quality. Over the years, it has hosted numerous renowned artists, both local and international. This depth of experience allows the studio to offer a top-tier recording experience, ensuring the production of high-quality music.

Sound City’s versatility, combined with its rich legacy, makes it a highly respected player in Tokyo’s music industry.

9. Prime Sound Studio Form

mastering room of a japanese studio in tokyo.

Tokyo Neighborhood/District: Shibuya

Best Known For: Variety of Rooms and High-End Equipment

Situated in Tokyo’s energetic Shibuya district, Prime Sound Studio Form stands out for its array of rooms and high-end recording equipment. Its ability to accommodate a wide variety of recording needs makes it a notable player in the city’s music industry.

Prime Sound Studio Form offers a diverse range of recording spaces, each equipped to cater to different types and scales of projects. Whether you’re a solo artist or part of a large ensemble, this studio has a space designed to bring out the best in your music.

Additionally, the studio boasts high-end recording equipment, ensuring the production of top-quality sound. Combined with the acoustically optimized rooms, this equipment allows artists to capture their music in the most professional manner.

Prime Sound Studio Form’s flexible facilities and superior equipment make it a popular choice for artists seeking a high-quality recording experience in Tokyo.

8. Freedom Studio

ssl mixing console in the control room of a recording studio in the heart of tokyo, japan.

Tokyo Neighborhood/District: Setagaya

Best Known For: High-End Gear and Professional Sound Engineers

Located in Setagaya, one of Tokyo’s central districts, Freedom Studio is revered in the professional music circuit for its high-end gear and team of professional sound engineers. It’s a preferred choice for many professional musicians and producers looking for the highest recording standards.

Freedom Studio is equipped with top-tier recording gear, guaranteeing an exceptional sound quality that meets the demands of the most discerning artists and producers. The studio’s recording spaces are acoustically designed to complement this equipment, enabling the capture of rich, detailed sound.

Adding to its appeal, Freedom Studio’s professional sound engineers are highly skilled and experienced, ensuring that all technical aspects of the recording process are expertly handled. Their proficiency, coupled with the studio’s high-quality gear, results in a recording experience that’s hard to match.

Freedom Studio’s commitment to superior sound quality and professional service makes it a top choice for many professional musicians and producers in Tokyo.

7. Sunrise Studio

musician in the studio producing edm after recording vocals in japan.

Tokyo Neighborhood/District: Setagaya

Best Known For: Analog Gear and Spacious Recording Rooms

Located in Tokyo’s central district of Setagaya, Sunrise Studio is celebrated for its exceptional analog gear and roomy recording spaces. The studio’s ability to cater to a wide variety of musical genres adds to its appeal among Tokyo’s music community.

Sunrise Studio provides a nostalgic yet professional recording experience with its quality analog gear. This gear offers a warm, rich sound, sought-after by many musicians for its unique tonal qualities that digital recording often can’t replicate.

The studio’s spacious recording rooms accommodate different scales of recording projects, making it a versatile space for solo artists, bands, and larger ensembles. These rooms are acoustically designed to work in harmony with the analog gear, ensuring the production of high-quality sound.

With its commitment to preserving the art of analog recording and its versatile spaces, Sunrise Studio holds a distinctive place in Tokyo’s music scene.

6. Onkio Haus

world-class japanese recording studio with one of the first dolby atmos systems in tokyo.

Tokyo Neighborhood/District: Chiyoda

Best Known For: High-Quality Facilities and Professional Staff

With a rich history in Tokyo’s recording industry, Onkio Haus in Chiyoda district has built a reputation for its high-quality facilities and professional staff. It is a preferred choice for many artists and producers seeking superior recording standards.

Onkio Haus’s facilities are designed to meet a wide range of recording needs. The studio offers high-quality recording rooms equipped with top-tier gear, ensuring a superior sound quality that meets and often surpasses industry standards.

The professional staff at Onkio Haus are highly skilled and experienced, providing technical support throughout the recording process. Their proficiency, combined with the studio’s exceptional facilities, ensures that artists can focus on their creativity while the technical aspects are expertly handled.

The combination of high-quality facilities, professional staff, and its longstanding history makes Onkio Haus a respected cornerstone of Tokyo’s recording industry.

5. Tokyo Recording

music production room within the recording studio.

Tokyo Neighborhood/District: Minato

Best Known For: Hosting Numerous Well-Known International and Local Acts

Located in Tokyo’s dynamic Minato district, Tokyo Recording holds a top-tier position in the professional recording industry. With its state-of-the-art facilities, it has hosted numerous well-known international and local acts, earning a prestigious reputation in Tokyo’s music scene.

Tokyo Recording offers a full suite of recording services, managed by a team of highly skilled sound engineers. They provide expert technical support throughout the recording process, ensuring that artists can focus on their creativity and performance.

Having hosted a wide variety of artists, Tokyo Recording is equipped to cater to different styles and genres, making it a versatile space for musical creativity. This extensive experience and versatility make it a top choice for both emerging and established artists seeking a high-quality recording experience in Tokyo.

4. Studio A-tone

neve mixing console in the control room of a tokyo-based studio

Tokyo Neighborhood/District: Nerima

Best Known For: Comprehensive Facilities with Multiple Recording and Mixing Rooms

Situated in the Nerima district of Tokyo, Studio A-tone stands out due to its comprehensive facilities. With multiple recording and mixing rooms available, it’s a popular choice for artists seeking versatile recording options.

Studio A-tone’s facilities cater to a variety of recording needs, from solo artists to larger ensembles. Each room is acoustically designed and equipped with high-quality recording gear, ensuring the production of superior sound.

In addition to recording, the studio also offers mixing and mastering services. These are handled by a team of experienced sound engineers who work closely with artists to craft a final product that matches their vision and meets industry standards.

The combination of comprehensive facilities and professional services makes Studio A-tone a popular choice in Tokyo’s recording industry.

3. Sound Inn Studios

multi-channel professional monitoring system by atc in japan.

Tokyo Neighborhood/District: Chiyoda

Best Known For: High Standard of Sound Quality and Equipment

Located in the Chiyoda district of Tokyo, Sound Inn Studios is renowned for its high standard of sound quality and equipment. Offering a wide range of recording and mixing services, the studio stands as a leader in the city’s recording industry.

At Sound Inn Studios, every recording room is acoustically engineered and furnished with high-end equipment. This combination results in a superior sound quality that caters to the needs of the most discerning artists and producers.

The studio provides a comprehensive range of services that encompass recording, mixing, and mastering. These services are handled by a team of professional sound engineers, ensuring that every aspect of the recording process is expertly managed.

Sound Inn Studios’ commitment to maintaining high sound quality standards and providing a variety of services solidifies its status as a top-tier recording studio in Tokyo.

2. King Sekiguchidai Studio

a recording studio and record label founded in tokyo, japan.

Tokyo Neighborhood/District: Shinjuku

Best Known For: Long History and Reputation for Excellence

Situated in Shinjuku, one of Tokyo’s major commercial and administrative centers, King Sekiguchidai Studio holds a lofty position in the city’s music scene. Its long-standing history and well-earned reputation for excellence set it apart in the recording industry.

King Sekiguchidai Studio is a testament to the time-honored tradition of music production. Over the years, it has played host to an array of musical talents, consistently delivering high-quality recordings that have contributed significantly to its reputation for excellence.

With its professional staff, sophisticated equipment, and acoustically designed spaces, King Sekiguchidai Studio offers artists a premium recording experience, making it a sought-after studio in Tokyo.

1. Victor Studio

the most popular studio in tokyo, victor studios for recording, mixing, and production.

Tokyo Neighborhood/District: Chiyoda

Best Known For: Top-Line Equipment, Spacious Rooms, and Recording Major Acts

Located in Chiyoda, Tokyo’s political center, Victor Studio is one of the most famous recording studios in Japan. Its top-line equipment, spacious recording rooms, and a long history of recording major acts have earned it a distinguished place in Japan’s music industry.

Victor Studio offers artists a top-tier recording experience. Its rooms are furnished with state-of-the-art equipment and designed to provide the perfect acoustic environment for different recording needs.

Over the years, the studio has seen a roster of major acts, solidifying its position as a go-to studio for professional artists. The staff’s experience with high-profile clients ensures that every artist gets a recording experience that meets the highest professional standards.

With its exceptional facilities and prestigious history, Victor Studio stands as a landmark in Tokyo’s recording scene.


get more streams co-founder mihai sebastian with the favorite event opal monitors not in tokyo.

Our extensive research has led us to these 15 recording studios, each unique and equipped to handle various musical projects, from city pop to classical music. These studios have proven to cater to a wide range of needs, from the independent artist working on a debut track, to established singers looking to create a new tune, to global brands producing commercial content. They offer state-of-the-art facilities and employ professional sound engineers with a wealth of experience, some of whom have worked on projects worldwide, including major music markets such as the UK, Germany, and Australia.

These recording studios have shown a commitment to providing an environment suitable for the creation of quality music, whether you are a Tokyo local or an English-speaking artist. They have also demonstrated their ability to adapt to the new music landscape, with several studios offering the option to collaborate remotely, ensuring that you can make music no matter where you are in the world.

In conclusion, whether you’re looking to record your next hit single, make an album, or create a brand jingle, these studios have the tools, expertise, and environment to help you deliver your musical vision to the world. It is our hope that this guide serves as a helpful resource in your search for the perfect recording studio in Tokyo to make your musical dreams a reality. So, grab your mike, tune your guitar, and let’s make music!

“Get More Streams” is not affiliated with Amazon or other mentioned brands; all trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Information provided is for general purposes only and not a substitute for professional advice.


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