The VERY BEST Sync Licensing Companies for Artist Opportunities (2024)

The Importance of Sync Licensing in the Music Industry

Imagine a world where the crescendo of your favorite song didn’t coincide with the hero’s triumphant moment on-screen. A world devoid of that perfect track that sets the tone for a commercial, making you feel all the feels. That’s a world without sync licensing, folks, and trust me, it’s as dull as a broken guitar string. Sync licensing is the unsung hero that puts the ‘motion’ in ’emotion’ for motion pictures, television, and advertisements by pairing music with visual content.

Definition and Relevance of Sync Licensing

Sync licensing is the magic that happens when a tune is synchronized with moving images. It’s not just about slapping any old song onto a scene; it’s about creating a symphony of sight and sound. For artists, it’s a gateway to exposure and a solid paycheck when their music is chosen to score a scene or anchor an ad.

Impact on Revenue and Exposure for Artists

When it comes to making a living off music, sync licensing is like hitting a high note in your career. It opens doors to new revenue streams and puts your music in front of fresh ears. Whether it’s a blockbuster hit or a viral ad, that sync placement can be the difference between playing local gigs and going platinum.

The Role of Sync Licensing Companies

Now, unless you’ve got the speed dial of every music supervisor in Hollywood, you’ll need a middleman to broker these sweet sync deals. Enter sync licensing companies, the matchmakers of the music and media worlds.

Services Provided

These companies are like dating agencies for songs, finding the perfect visual soulmate for your tracks. They handle the nitty-gritty, from negotiating contracts to ensuring you get your royalties. It’s their job to make sure your music doesn’t just end up as background noise.

How They Connect Artists with Media Opportunities

Sync licensing companies are the bridge between your sound and the screens of audiences worldwide. They’ve got the contacts, the know-how, and the platform to showcase your music to the decision-makers who matter. With their help, your tunes could be setting the scene in the next binge-worthy series.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Sync Licensing Companies

But wait, before you go signing contracts left and right, let’s talk turkey. Not all sync licensing companies are created equal, and choosing the right one can be as critical as the chorus in your hit song.

Reputation and Track Record

You want a company with a rep as solid as a drumbeat. Look into their history and the success stories they’ve orchestrated. A good sync licensing company doesn’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk with a portfolio of killer placements.

Client Portfolio

A diverse client portfolio is like a playlist for every mood—it shows versatility and reach. Peek at who they’ve worked with to gauge whether they have the range to take your music to new heights.

Range of Services Offered

And finally, consider the range of services they offer. Are they a one-hit-wonder or a full album’s worth of support? The best sync licensing companies offer comprehensive services that cover every step of the sync process.

As we strum the last chord of this introduction, we gear up to step into the spotlight with Musicbed. A company that’s not just about background music but about providing a bedrock for artists to lay their music upon. Stay tuned as we delve into their company profile, services for artists, and how they’ve become a noteworthy player in the sync licensing orchestra.

Musicbed: Harmonizing Artist Ambitions with Sync Success

As we peel back the curtain on the music industry’s sync licensing scene, artists often grapple with the challenge of getting their tunes into the right ears—and that’s where Musicbed enters stage left. With a company profile that reads like a love letter to musicians and filmmakers alike, Musicbed stands out as a key player in the sync licensing symphony.

Company Profile

Musicbed has etched its history with a mission to harmonize the needs of creatives with the perfect soundtrack. Their key achievements and industry recognition are not just trophies on the shelf but a testament to their dedication to artists and the craft of music curation. This platform isn’t just about making connections; it’s about creating musical marriages that last a lifetime.

Services for Artists

The submission process for artists at Musicbed is as finely tuned as a vintage guitar. It’s designed to sift through the noise and highlight the best of what artists have to offer. Once you’re in, Musicbed’s catalog curation and promotion strategies are like having your own marketing maestro, ensuring your music doesn’t just sit on a digital shelf gathering cyber dust.

Client Success Stories

Case studies of successful placements and testimonials from artists and clients sing the praises of Musicbed’s ability to elevate a project with the perfect track. These stories aren’t just feel-good moments; they’re blueprints for how you can also score a standing ovation for your music in the sync licensing spotlight.

Unique Features

One of Musicbed’s most striking chords is its custom music scoring service, which tailors tunes to the specific contour of a client’s vision. Coupled with a user-friendly licensing platform, Musicbed doesn’t just provide a service; it delivers an experience that’s as smooth as the intro to your favorite slow jam.

Marmoset: Crafting the Perfect Harmony in Sync


Let’s shift the spotlight to Marmoset, a company that’s more than just a sync licensing entity—it’s a beacon of hope for indie artists aiming to make their mark on the world. If you’ve ever felt like the underdog in a sea of musical giants, Marmoset is the slingshot to your David, the wind beneath your indie wings. This Portland-based powerhouse stands out not just for its licensing prowess but for its commitment to the community and the artists it serves.

Overview of Marmoset

Marmoset was founded on the belief that every artist deserves their share of the limelight. Its founding principles aren’t just fluff; they’re the bedrock of a company that genuinely cares about the art it represents. With an artist-focused approach, Marmoset isn’t just about finding the right tune for a project; it’s about finding a home for artists’ creations where they’ll be appreciated and valued.

Licensing and Representation

In the realm of sync licensing, variety is the spice of life, and Marmoset’s types of licenses available are as varied as the artists they represent. Whether you’re looking to score a short film or set the mood for a major ad campaign, Marmoset has the expertise and the options to make it happen. And with artist representation services that are as dedicated as a personal trainer in January, they ensure that your music gets the workout it deserves in the industry.

Marmoset’s Community Involvement

But what truly sets Marmoset apart is its heart. This isn’t just a company; it’s a community. With workshops and educational resources, Marmoset doesn’t just talk the talk; they walk artists through the ins and outs of the industry. Their events and showcases aren’t just gigs; they’re grand slams where artists can strut their stuff in front of an audience that matters. 

Epidemic Sound: Amplifying Artists in the Age of


In the age where content is king, Epidemic Sound emerges as the court jester, turning the sync licensing world on its head with a model that’s as disruptive as a punk rock riff in a quiet library. Artists and creators, let’s talk turkey about the company that’s changing the game. Epidemic Sound isn’t just another cog in the music industry machine; it’s the grease that keeps the wheels turning smoothly for creators in need of quality tunes without the hassle of traditional licensing headaches.

Company Background

From its humble beginnings to becoming a juggernaut of growth and expansion, Epidemic Sound has taken the global reach of music to new heights. With a mission to soundtrack the world, they’ve created a platform where creators from all corners of the globe can find the perfect tune faster than you can say “playback.”

Subscription Model

Their subscription model is like an all-you-can-eat buffet for your ears. With licensing options for different users, from YouTubers to small businesses, Epidemic Sound ensures that whether you’re a solo vlogger or a corporate giant, there’s a plate at the table for you. And the benefits for artists and creators? They’re sweeter than the first chord of a love ballad, offering exposure and revenue opportunities in a world where streaming has become the main stage.

Royalty-Free Music Catalog

The royalty-free music catalog of Epidemic Sound is as diverse and quality-packed as a Grammy Awards show. With tracks that cover every genre, mood, and tempo, artists can contribute to a library that’s accessed by creators ready to make their next viral video or award-winning indie film. It’s like having your own personal record store, where every record is a hit waiting to happen.

Audio Network: Orchestrating a World of Sound

In the concerto of sync licensing, Audio Network takes the stage with the poise of a seasoned conductor, ready to lead artists and clients through a symphony of licensing solutions. If you’re an artist hitting the high notes but not quite making the billboards, then let’s talk about how Audio Network could be your ticket to the global stage. With a corporate structure that harmonizes creativity with business savvy, this is one company that hits all the right notes in production music.

Introduction to Audio Network

Audio Network isn’t just playing background music in the industry; they’re leading the orchestra with award-winning production music that’s as compelling as a standing ovation. With partnerships that span the globe, they offer a platform that’s more interconnected than a spider’s web, ensuring your music has the potential to reach ears in every corner of the world.

Licensing Solutions

Imagine a bespoke suit, tailored to perfection – that’s what Audio Network offers in the world of sync licensing. With tailored services for varying industries, they understand that a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t cut it. And when it comes to global licensing capabilities, they’re like the United Nations of music, speaking every language and crossing every border to bring your sound to the masses.

Artist Opportunities

Joining Audio Network’s roster isn’t just about getting your tunes out there; it’s about amplifying your career to levels you’ve only dreamed of. They don’t just hand you a microphone; they put you on the main stage. The financial and promotional benefits are like the cherry on top of your music career sundae, sweetening the deal and making sure you get a slice of the pie. 

The Music Playground: Sync Licensing’s Creative Sandbox

In the playground of sync licensing, The Music Playground is the cool new kid that’s shaking up the sandbox with innovative strategies and a keen eye for branding. They’re not just playing games; they’re rewriting the rules. If you’re an artist looking to make a splash in the commercial world, The Music Playground offers a swing set of services that can catapult your tunes into the stratosphere of advertising and beyond.

Company Concept

The Music Playground is the embodiment of modern sync licensing, blending creativity with commercial savvy. Their innovative approaches to sync licensing are like a fresh coat of paint in a monochrome industry, offering a spectrum of vibrant possibilities. They integrate music with advertising and branding, understanding that in today’s world, a catchy tune can be as powerful as a viral meme. They’re not just connecting artists with opportunities; they’re building bridges between music and the visual realm.

Full-Service Offerings

When it comes to services, The Music Playground isn’t just playing tag; they’re leading the league. With a full suite of composition and production services, they’re the one-stop shop for all your sync needs. Need music supervision and clearance? They’ve got you covered faster than you can say “licensing.” They’re the guardians of your musical aspirations, ensuring that every legal i is dotted and every contractual t is crossed.

Success Metrics

But let’s talk turkey—what about the success metrics? The Music Playground boasts a portfolio of noteworthy campaigns that would make even the most stoic executive crack a smile. They don’t just promise artist growth and development; they deliver it, with the kind of precision that would impress a Swiss watchmaker. Their track record is a harmony of artist success stories, each one a note in the symphony of their achievements. 

BMG Production Music: Harmonizing Heritage with Innovation

When it comes to the grand orchestra of sync licensing, BMG Production Music is not just another instrument; it’s the maestro with a baton. If you’re an artist looking to score more than just gigs—if you’re aiming for the stars—then BMG’s blend of heritage and expertise might just be your launchpad. With an extensive music library that could fill encyclopedias, BMG stands as a testament to the power of legacy in a fast-paced digital world.

BMG’s Industry Position

BMG doesn’t just walk the walk; they’ve been composing the score for the walk since before some of us were in diapers. Their heritage in the music industry is as rich as a triple-layer chocolate cake, and their expertise? It’s the cherry on top. With a track record that could rival the world’s most seasoned traveler, BMG’s extensive music library is a treasure trove for artists and clients alike.

Global Network

But don’t let the heritage fool you into thinking they’re stuck in the past. BMG’s global network stretches across continents, boasting an international reach that brings local understanding to a worldwide stage. Their cross-border collaborations are like a well-mixed cocktail—diverse, exciting, and always leaving you wanting more. They’re the bridge between the artist’s studio and the world’s speakers.

Artist-Centric Philosophy

At the heart of BMG’s philosophy is an artist-centric approach that wraps around you like a warm hug. They don’t just offer support and resources; they’re like a mentor guiding you through the forest of the music industry. Fair compensation and recognition are not just buzzwords here; they’re the foundation stones of a company that values the artist as much as the art.

Extreme Music: The Trailblazers of Sync Licensing

Are you an artist dreaming of your tracks blasting from every speaker, or perhaps a composer with melodies that could make a stone statue weep? If that’s the case, Extreme Music is the maverick in the mix, turning the volume up to eleven on your career. With their high-profile collaborations and pre-cleared music model, they’re the rebels with a cause, ensuring your soundtracks become the heartbeat of productions worldwide.

The Extreme Music Edge

Extreme Music doesn’t just push the envelope; they shred it to bits with their bold approach to sync licensing. Known for high-profile collaborations that could drop names like a clumsy waiter drops plates, they’ve carved out a niche that makes Hollywood sit up and listen. Pioneering the pre-cleared music model, they’ve streamlined the process of licensing so that your music is ready to roll when opportunity knocks—no tedious waiting games here.

Artist and Composer Benefits

Joining Extreme Music’s roster is like being invited to the coolest party in town. They don’t just give you a badge; they throw you into the mix with full creative freedom and support. This is where artists and composers get to flex their muscles and push boundaries, safe in the knowledge that Extreme Music has got their backs with a safety net woven from industry know-how and connections.

Clientele and Placements

The range of industries served by Extreme Music is as varied as the genres in their catalog. From the silver screens of Tinseltown to the viral videos on your social feed, their sync placements are a roll call of notable productions. They’re the maestros behind the soundtracks that underscore our lives, making sure your work is not just heard but remembered.

APM Music: The Maestros of Sync Licensing

If you’re an artist who’s tired of playing second fiddle to silence, APM Music might just be the conductor you need to lead your symphony of sound to the ears of millions. With a legacy that’s as rich in history as vinyl is in sound, APM Music stands tall as a beacon of industry leadership and innovation. Their extensive track record is not just impressive—it’s a rock-solid promise of opportunities and exposure.

Legacy of APM Music

In the sync licensing arena, APM Music is like the grand old library where every book is a classic. Their leadership and innovation have set the tempo for the industry, orchestrating a legacy that resonates with reliability and quality. With a history that stretches back to the golden age of television, APM’s extensive track record is a testament to their unwavering commitment to the art of music.

Comprehensive Catalog

For the artist whose music knows no bounds, APM’s comprehensive catalog is like a playground with no fences. With genre and mood-specific collections that cater to every imaginable scenario, APM ensures that your music finds a home in varied media productions. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife in your toolkit; whatever the situation, APM has a track that fits the bill.

Working with APM Music

But what about the nitty-gritty of getting your tunes into APM’s catalog? Fear not, for their artist submission guidelines are as straightforward as a metronome’s beat. And when it comes to royalty structures and agreements, they’re as transparent as the finest crystal—ensuring that artists understand every clause and catch, without the need for a magnifying glass.

Sentric Music: The Vanguard of Artist Empowerment

Let’s face it, the music industry can often feel like a labyrinth for independent artists trying to find their way to the treasure room of success. Enter Sentric Music, your musical Minotaur, ready to guide you through the maze with a torch of technology and a shield of support. With their independent spirit and flexibility, Sentric Music stands out as a beacon for artists navigating the sometimes murky waters of sync licensing.

Sentric’s Approach to Sync

Sentric Music isn’t your typical sync licensing company. They’re the cool older sibling in the music industry family, offering a hand to lift you onto the stage of opportunities. Their approach is all about empowering artists through cutting-edge technology, making the submission and administration process as smooth as a fresh vinyl. They’re the tech-savvy friend every musician needs, with a platform that turns the chaos of rights management into a harmonious symphony.

Rights Management and Sync

The heart of Sentric Music’s operation beats to the rhythm of simplified rights administration. They understand that time spent untangling the web of licensing is time not spent on creating music. That’s why their active pitch process for sync opportunities is music to the ears of artists and composers alike. With Sentric, you’re not just a name on a roster; you’re a priority, and they’re out there pitching your music like a star quarterback aiming for the end zone.

Artist Development Focus

At Sentric Music, artist development isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the headliner of their show. They’re in the business of building careers, not just landing one-off placements. Their support system is designed to nurture talent, providing the scaffolding for artists to climb higher in their careers. And with success case studies that shine bright like platinum records, Sentric’s track record is as solid as the beats in a chart-topping hit. 

Position Music: Cranking Up the Volume in Entertainment’s Orchestra

Imagine your music not just filling the venues but setting the pace of heart-pumping car chases, underscoring touching cinematic moments or becoming the anthem of the newest gaming sensation. Position Music is the high-voltage amplifier in the entertainment industry, fine-tuning your music to become the pulsating lifeblood of any scene it accompanies.

Company Focus and Artist Alignment 

Position Music was founded with the visionary aim of not only promoting music but ensuring it takes center stage in every story it narrates across film, television, and gaming platforms. They’ve turned up the volume on an artist’s potential, giving high-energy and dramatic tracks the platform to thunder through the speakers of the entertainment world. This company knows that finding the right home for a song is pivotal, and they are relentless in their pursuit to create perfect alignments between artist tracks and entertainment projects.

Development and Support 

The journey with Position Music is akin to a headlining tour – their involvement in artist development is like having a full production crew back your every move. They work tirelessly to keep their artists in the spotlight, leveraging industry relationships to ensure that the music doesn’t just accompany but often defines the entertainment it syncs with. Their unwavering support gives artists the backing they need to ascend to new creative peaks.

High-Energy Portfolio 

With a repertoire that’s as electric as a bolt of lightning, Position Music has carved a name for itself in composing and curating music that demands to be heard. Their portfolio impressively straddles punchy rock, epic orchestral compositions, and adrenaline-fueled electronic beats. This versatility ensures that Position Music is the go-to sync licensing company for those moments in media that require an unforgettable auditory boom.

Industry Impact and Placements 

Position Music’s reputation echoes throughout the industry – when music supervisors need a track that packs a punch, Position Music’s catalog is often their first stop. With a history of placements that include major studio productions, hit TV series, and top-tier gaming franchises, Position Music has a proven track record of not just landing spots but securing memorable places in entertainment history.

Partnering with Position Music 

Getting your music into the hands of Position Music means more than just a transaction. It’s a partnership with a company dedicated to elevating your work to epic proportions. Their sync licensing deals are structured with the artist in mind, ensuring fair treatment and clear communication from concept to placement. Their submission process is clear-cut, valuing the quality and impact of the music above all else.

Artlist.io: Tuning Into the Unlimited Creative Horizon

In the bustling digital age where content creation is akin to breathing in the creative realm, Artlist.io emerges as the refreshing crescendo that every content creator and artist yearns for. With a license that speaks the language of endless possibilities, Artlist.io breaks the barriers of the traditional sync licensing world, offering a gateway to a universe where the perfect soundtrack is just a heartbeat away.

Unleashing the Power of Artlist.io Artlist.io plays the chords of innovation and freedom, providing a platform that resonates with the needs of modern creators. Their mission? To simplify the complex process of licensing and amplify the creative process for filmmakers, advertisers, and beyond. With a subscription-based model, they launch a full-scale assault on limitations, providing unlimited access to a high-quality, curated catalog of music.

Subscription-Based Symphony 

The subscription model of Artlist.io is like an all-access backstage pass to a music festival that never ends. It grants unlimited downloads from a constantly evolving library, teeming with tracks from independent and rising artists worldwide. For a flat annual fee, users get the green light to explore, download, and sync tracks to their heart’s content, across any project, anywhere in the world.

Artist-Creator Harmony

 Artlist.io tunes into the symbiotic relationship between musicians and content creators. By offering a treasure trove of music for creators, they also serve as a pedestal for artists to showcase their talent. Each song included in the library is not only a potential sync placement but also a chance for artists to monetize their creations and expand their audience through global exposure.

Boundless Creativity with Every Beat What truly sets Artlist.io apart is its revolutionary worldwide license. Once a track is downloaded during a subscription period, that song can be used perpetually, even after the subscription has ended, making it a favorite among indie filmmakers and commercial directors alike. This boundless approach infuses projects with creativity, giving life to productions free from the usual constraints of traditional licensing terms.

Catalog Depth and Discovery 

With a keen eye on diversity and quality, Artlist.io curates its music catalog to cover a galaxy of genres, moods, and artistic styles. The platform is designed for ease of use and provides intuitive search features, making music discovery an exciting trip through soundscapes. With new tracks added daily, the horizon of choice is ever-expanding, ensuring that the perfect score for your vision is always within reach.

Collaboration and Community 

Artlist.io doesn’t just connect tracks with visuals; it fosters a community of like-minded creatives. By actively supporting collaborations between artists and creators, Artlist.io strengthens the creative ties that bind the industry, encouraging a cycle of inspiration, creation, and shared success.

Crescendo of Customer Care

Recognizing that every creator’s journey is unique, Artlist.io offers a dedicated customer service team to assist with any inquiries or guidance needed. Whether a user is navigating licensing questions or seeking advice on song selection, Artlist.io ensures a steady rhythm of support.

The Final Note on Artlist.io 

As we echo out from the lucid dreamscape of Artlist.io, take a moment to savor the symphony of advantages it presents to the modern content creator and artist. With its revolutionary subscription model, empowering worldwide license, and commitment to community and quality, Artlist.io is like the digital age’s Pied Piper, leading a new era of harmony between music and visual storytelling. For those ready to compose the future of their creative endeavors, Artlist.io strikes the perfect chord.

AudioJungle: Crafting the Soundscape of Digital Storytelling

Welcome to AudioJungle, where the pulse of the digital world beats to the sound of creativity and diversity. Nestled within the vibrant ecosystem of Envato Market, AudioJungle stands as a bustling bazaar of sound, offering an array of musical treasures to content creators, marketers, and multimedia maestros.

The Essence of Audio Jungle 

In a virtual marketplace where authenticity and impact are currency, AudioJungle offers a rich tapestry of music and audio tracks that cater to the unique needs of every project. It’s a realm where indie composers, sound designers, and producers converge to supply their sonic artistry to those seeking the perfect auditory accompaniment for their visual narratives.

Diverse Catalog, Dynamic Discoveries 

AudioJungle is home to a dynamic and kaleidoscopic catalog brimming with tracks across every imaginable genre, mood, and instrumental arrangement. From the epic orchestral scores that could rival the soundtracks of Hollywood blockbusters to the subtle ambient sounds that whisper behind poignant on-screen moments, the marketplace is an auditorium echoing with choice and quality.

Ease of Access and Creative Freedom 

What makes AudioJungle resonate with creators is its straightforward licensing process, designed to be as user-friendly as it is professional. Quietly humming in the background, the platform ensures that access to its library is both affordable and inclusive – whether you’re an independent videographer or part of a larger media conglomerate.

The Artist Marketplace 

AudioJungle doesn’t just sell music; it sings a tune of opportunity for artists around the globe. The platform empowers musicians by allowing them to set their prices and retain control over their own work, offering them a stage to be heard and a chance to flourish financially. For each sale, artists earn a share, providing a sustainable income stream and recognition for their talents.

Community at the Core A vibrant sense of community reverberates through AudioJungle. The platform actively encourages feedback and communication between artists and buyers. This collaborative atmosphere nurtures relationships, fosters artistic growth, and continuously refines the quality of offerings based on actual user needs and experiences.

Navigating the Sonic Marketplace 

AudioJungle’s intuitive interface simplifies the search for the perfect soundtrack. With advanced filters, users can dial down to the finest details, from bpm to the specific instruments used in a track. The platform’s review system also offers genuine insights from fellow buyers, thus helping guide decisions in a sea of selections.

Support That Sings Your Tune 

Customer and artist support are harmonious backbeats to AudioJungle’s success. Their dedicated help team ensures that any queries are addressed with a human touch, resonating with efficiency and courtesy. Whether it’s licensing questions or technical tweaks, help is always just a few notes away.

The Final Chord of AudioJungle

Wrapping up our glance into the world of AudioJungle, what stands out is the platform’s commitment to driving the creative process with an affordable and varied soundtrack selection. In an ecosystem that favors custom-tailored audio and quick turnaround, AudioJungle strikes a chord with those looking to orchestrate impactful stories powered by authentic sound. For creators in the symphony of digital storytelling, AudioJungle offers a boundless library at your fingertips, inviting you to compose a soundscape as limitless as your imagination.

“Get More Streams” is not affiliated with Amazon or other mentioned brands; all trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Information provided is for general purposes only and not a substitute for professional advice.


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